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        众志成城 共同战疫 Be United - Win the Battle










        The joyful of 2020 Chinese Lunar New Year was broken by sudden outbreak of the Coronavirus. It comes with fierce, but spurring the hearts of hundreds of millions of people.

        In the face of Conronavirus spreading, our people are united and battle together. Hollyland is responding to the policy of Chinese Government for epidemic prevention and control inorder to win this battle. Such as effectively preventing gathering and cuttingthe spread of the epidemic. For safety, we are taking some actions as below:
        -Protecting staffs by postpone commencement date
        According to the policy of Chinese Government for epidemic prevention and control, reinforce prevention and control. Holidays will be extended to 9th Feb, resume to work on 10th Feb.For those who come back to XIAMEN from HUBEI province, shall beself-quarantined for 14 day, and could come back to work if there is no any abnormal detected. Company makes comprehensive disinfection measures,controlling entry/exit effectively, make sure our workers and staffs safe.
        -Work together, Count of personnel instantly, effectively promote epidemic prevention and control. 
        “Epidemic situation anorder, prevention as responsibility”. Each hierarchies / departments must work together, statistic of personnel instantly, master health situation of personnel. Actively promoting prevention call, reducing times of going out,reducing gathering, paying attention to hygiene, wearing mask.  No spreading rumors, protecting family and yourself. Under this situation, restraining yourself will save others.
        Facing epidemic, everyone shall be responsible! Quarantine virus but not loves! Let’s united, fighting with Coronavirus!
        Come on! Wuhan, China!

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